Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q's)

How much will the quarantine cost?

Contact us and we will provide you with a current price list.

Can I inspect where my pet will be quarantined before I make the booking?

You are most welcome to inspect our quarantine facilities to see exactly where your pet will be accommodated.  We do encourage owners to visit if at all possible and will be as flexible as possible to fit in with a time to suit you.

Can I be at the airport to pick up my pet?

Unfortunately the regulations permit only the Quarantine person to pick up your pet from the airport.   We can let you know he/she has arrived safely so that you can visit

My pet doesn't like some foods - what do you feed?

Our preferred premium dry foods are Royal Canin / Pro Plan, but if your pet has special dietary needs please be sure to inform us prior to your pets arrival.


We feed treats during one of your pet’s play times. These can be provided by yourself, if your pet has a special favourite treat, or by ourselves.

Can I visit my pet in quarantine?

Visiting of pets is encouraged by arrangement. All owners / visitors are required by MAF to sign a visitors book recording their details. To meet strict MAF regulations there are a number of restrictions that must be observed. These will be explained to you on your arrival at the facility.


Visiting hours are designed to help you visit your pet whenever you are able and we will be as flexible as possible to meet your requirements. 

If you are unable to visit your pet we can keep in touch by phone or email and because our facility is small we are able to spend the extra time needed with your pet to make him/her happy.

Can I bring in a bed and toys for my pet?

You can bring in whatever toys and bedding makes your pet comfortable.  All these will be returned to you if they are of a size that enables them to be washed on departure from the facility.

If you are unable to visit you can post us a favourite toy or blanket - something that smells of home!

My pet is on daily medication - can you administer this?

Please let us know the details of the medication at the time of booking and we can arrange for this.  Sometimes the particular drugs are not available in NZ and we may have to get MAF approval to import the drugs if an alternative cannot be found.

What happens if my pet is ill in quarantine?

We have private veterinary surgeons on call 24 hours a day.  If your pet shows any signs of illness during his / her stay we will access veterinary attention immediately.  We ensure that your pet receives the best attention available.  Every effort will be made to contact the owner regarding any concerns that arise before veterinary assistance is sought.

I am worried how my pet will cope.

Most animals cope amazingly well!  They are often tired and unsure of their surroundings on arrival but with lots of love and attention settle in quickly.

What about heating - will my pet be warm enough?

All our units are heated but, if needed, additional heating is available for pets adjusting from a hot climate.

What happens when my pet is released from quarantine?

At the end of the quarantine period the MAF Officer will provide written approval for your pet to leave the facility.  Only when this is received can your pet be released.


We can arrange for your pet to be shipped to your new home at the end of the quarantine period.

Our showdog pet will be pregnant when she arrives in quarantine - can you accommodate her?

We are very experienced in whelping litters and can provide all the care and attention needed at this time.

We keep our pet in a full show coat - what about grooming?

We have coated dogs of our own and so are therefore able to assist wherever possible in keeping your pet well groomed.  You may also wish to groom your pet when you visit.